Life Group Questions

Questions 6/23

Who are some of the most influential people in your life?

Read Galatians 1:6-9

In the past, how have people pulled you away from your relationship with Jesus?

What are some stories of how certain people have brought you closer to Jesus?

In your own words, what is the gospel of Jesus?

Read Galatians 2:11-16

As you have walked with Jesus, what have you added to Jesus in order to be saved?  Like Jesus + 30 minute quiet time saves me, or Jesus + avoiding watching R rated movies saves me.

How does having a mindset of Jesus + something destroys our relationship with him?


Questions 6/16

If the water is cold how do you typically get in?

What is your favorite memory of your dad?

In what ways would you describe to someone younger than you the process of creating a legacy?

How can you build your confidence is who God is?  What are ways to share that confidence with others?

Why is consistency important when talking about integrity and character?  What is a step you can take towards building that kind of consistency in your life?

What kind of legacy are you leaving this world right now?  Is there something you wish you could change and how can we help you in that?

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