Life Group Questions

What passions in life drive you on a regular basis?

How do you think God would describe the heart of a person?

What does it mean to have an open heart?


Read Matthew 9:35-36.  How does this story begin to illustrate the way God’s heart is wired?

One of the ways God’s heart is wired is to be vulnerable.  We see this in the emotions Jesus felt towards the people he healed.  What does it look like for you to have a vulnerable heart?  What fears do you have about becoming more vulnerable?

Read Matthew 20:29-34.  Where do you find yourself in this story? Why?

Knowing that we cannot totally escape a busy life, how do you feel God speaking to your heart about living an interruptible life?

Why is it sometimes easier to go on a trip to serve than it is to look across the road or office and open your heart for that person?

Who has God put into your life that needs your open heart?  In what ways can you serve them?

What step can you take this week to having an open heart that is becoming more like the heart of Jesus?


Questions 9/7

When you walk into a crowded room what is the first thing you look for or notice?  Why do you think that is?

What do you think it means to have eyes like Jesus?

If you gave yourself a self evaluation right now about your Jesus eyesight, how would you evaluate yourself?

When have you had an experience when you saw something that was hidden from everyone else?

What and who did Jesus see that no one else saw?

Read John 11:33-35 and 19:26-27

What do these passages teach us about the ways Jesus treated those he saw in need?

As you see how Jesus treated those whom he saw, how do you feel challenged in your life?

What is stopping you from seeing the world as Jesus sees it and what is a step you can take towards having eyes like Jesus?

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