Small Group Questions

Why Is Jesus The Only Way?  Small Group Questions

How do you resemble qualities or characteristics that you saw in your parents?  

If you have children, how do you see yourself in them?

What are some places that feel like “home” to you?  What makes them feel like that?

Read John 14:1-11

Why is Jesus’ promisee to prepare a place for us something that can keep us from being troubled? 

How easy is it for you to accept that Jesus is the only way to know God?  Why?

Jesus is the same way, truth, and life today as he was to the disciples.  Describe ways that you have come to know more about God through Jesus in your life. 

What does it personally mean for you to say Jesus is the way?

…Jesus is the truth?

…Jesus is the life? 

How do you know that Jesus is the right road to God?

How does knowing Jesus in this way challenge the way that you are currently living your life?  

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