Have you ever read a book (other than the bible) or watched a film that changed your world view? Share with the group.

Why would God give us the Bible?  What makes it important?

Read 2 Timothy 3:16.  If the Bible is the inspired word from God, how should that shape the way that you read and listen to it?

What is your favorite book of the Bible and what makes it so important to you?

In his message, Nathan challenged us to treasure the Bible.  How does someone grow in their love for the Bible and what do you think your next step is after talking about the scripture? 

Last Week's Questions

If you have been baptized, tell us about that story.  (This would be a great week for those in your small group to share their testimony with the group)

Read Acts 2:38-39.  Why is baptism for everyone?  How does your answer to this question shape the way you interact with others?

Read Colossians 2:12.  What is the significance of your baptism?

Read Matthew 28:18-20.  What is Jesus commanding his followers to do in this passage?  What is your next step after this conversation of baptism? 

Last Week's Questions:

What makes a mystery exciting?  What mystery in life still amazes you?

Do you have a family secret recipe?  What is it and what did you have to do to learn it?

When you think of the Trinity what thoughts come to your mind?

Have you ever experienced a moment when you knew God was there?  What was it? 

Read John 14:1-17 and Acts 1:8

How do you know the Holy Spirit is living inside of you?  When have you experienced the Holy Spirit working in your life?

Nathan talked about how the essence of the Trinity is relational love.  How is God wanting you to grow in the relationships that you have right now?  Are there any relationships we can be praying about for you?