What are your first thoughts when an unannounced guest shows up on your doorstep?  Are you naturally a Martha or a Mary?  In what ways do you see that lived out?

Read Luke 10:38-42.  If you are naturally a Martha, how does this text make you feel? 

The story of Martha shows us how Jesus refined her faith.  How has Jesus been refining your faith over these past few months?

What are some current distractions in your life taking you away from intimacy with Jesus?

How is Jesus leading you out of your comfort zone and are you following him?

Last Week's Questions:

Read Ruth, chapter 1. Describe Naomi’s condition after being in Moab for 10 years?

Sometimes the circumstances we face make us feel like things are stacked up against us. Sometimes we are tempted to think that even God is against us. Can you relate? If you are comfortable sharing, describe a situation from your life when you felt like that.

Northview has a Core Value called “Walking Together.”  How does Ruth live this value out in her life?

Have you experienced the joy of someone walking together with you during a life situation?

God wrote a redemption story for Ruth and Naomi that they could never written themselves. 

If God’s grand plan is to be our redeemer, what is his part, what is our part in walking into that redemption?

Where have you seen generational redemption take place in your family?  In what ways are you working towards creating a new legacy of redemption in your family?