The most important decision you will ever make is the decision to ACCEPT Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. The Bible teaches that Jesus gave up His life to save yours, and that by placing your faith in Him you will have your sins forgiven, that you will be filled with His Holy Spirit, and that you will receive eternal life. Practically speaking, the Bible outlines four responses that are expected when a person begins an intimate, personal, relationship with Jesus: Belief, Repentance, Public Confession of Faith, and Baptism. Click Here to learn more.


Fresh faith needs a relational environment to grow into vibrant, lasting faith. That's why once you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior your next step is to BELONG to a small group of people who are also committed to growing in Christ. Jesus set a small group precedent for us in His earthly ministry when He gathered a group of 12 men and poured into them over a three-year period. He chose ordinary men who had very simple faith in Him and turned them into fully devoted followers and leaders of the first churches. They grew because He created an environment where they were able to ask questions, try things, and fail without being rejected. Just like the disciples, you need to belong to a small group with an intentional leader to help your relationship with Jesus grow. Click Here to learn more.


Once you have accepted Christ and belong to a small group your next step is to CONTRIBUTE your gifts and abilities to serve others. Jesus expects his followers to possess the same revolutionary attitude toward reaching and serving others that He did during his earthly ministry. To embrace the call to care for others you will need to find a ministry that fits you well and where you can serve God joyfully. Most importantly, you will need to undergo a major transformation in thinking. You will have to realize that life is not about your wants and needs. It's about leading others to Christ and serving Him. Click Here to learn more.


Jesus intentionally invested Himself in His disciples and He changed the world forever. His example shows us that the only thing more powerful than serving selflessly is serving strategically. The result of His ministry to these men was so effective and so powerful that a new term was invented just to describe His style of leadership. The term is discipling. When you DISCIPLE someone you maximize your impact in the kingdom of God because you are reproducing yourself in others and empowering them to reproduce themselves in others. This is the highest calling! And you were made for it! Click Here to learn more.

If you would like to sit down with a pastor to talk further send our Community Pastor an email and he will connect with you