Life Group Questions

What effects of sin do you see in our culture?

Can you give any examples of Satan seducing people with half-truths rather than full-fledged lies?

How do you see pride as the underlying cause of all sin? Why should we consider simple pride as mutiny against God?

Read 1 Corinthians 10:13 together. Share experiences and strategies you have used in the past to successfully overcome sin and its negative consequences.


Questions 1/12

Answer the question “who are you?”

How much of your answer is about you as an individual, and how much is about the relationships that form you.

What are some ways we could recognize and live out through our Christian community in the church? How could that change our experience with each other and with God?

What are some “normal” activities that reveal God’s nature in us? Choose one that you will intentionally recognize as a spiritual activity for at least one day.

What one simple act could you practice this week to “rule” God’s creation as his steward in this world.

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