Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do I have to pay if I come?

A: Nothing! Our playscape and turf field are completely free to use!

Q: Do I need to check-in?

A: We do not require you to check-in which means you can come and go as you please!

Q: Do I have to watch my kids if they are in the playscape?

A: Child supervision is always required.

Q: Can I bring a group or party?

A: Absolutely, but we do require any group larger than 10 to reserve a room to be able to provide the proper seating to other individuals.

Q: Do I need to bring socks?

A: Yes! To keep our playscape nice and clean we always require socks.

Q: What type of shoes can I wear on the turf?

A: Any shoes other than cleats are accepted!

Q: How do I know if the turf, walking track, or The Center is closed? 

A: If the turf, walking track, or The Center will be closed, we will post on our social media. Be sure to follow us there to keep up to date on all hours and changes to our schedule. Instagram - @thecenteratnorthview   Facebook - The Center at Northview 

Q: What if I lost something at The Center?

A: Lost and found items are kept for 3 weeks after being found. Once 3 weeks have passed, all items are donated.