Northview Kids

Sunday Mornings

Birth- Pre-K

In these classes, we want kids to learn that God is Creator, and He loves them.

Kindergarten through 3rd

In this class, we want kids to learn the amazing stories in the Bible from Creation to Revelation

4th & 5th Grade

In this class, we want kids to know God through a deep understanding of the Bible, love God through their actions, thoughts and speech, and love others like Jesus did.

Upcoming Events

Transit Kickball 

We want to kick it together with our 4th/5th graders. This event is free. Students will break into teams when they arrive. Sign your fourth or fifth grader up


Northview Kids & Sonshine Christmas Program

We know you might not want to jump to December quite yet, but we can't wait! If your kid is planning to participate in our Christmas Program this December, please go ahead and fill out this form and let us know. Kids 4 years and older may participate.


Security and Safety

Before Service

Check-in your child at any available kiosk using your phone number to access your child profile. After checking them in, a name tag and parent pick-up tag with a unique matching code will print off. Place the name tag on your child and hold onto the parent tag for pick-up. 

During Service

In the event we need to contact you about your child during a service, you will receive a text on your cell phone requesting that you return to the check-in desk or your child's class. 

After Service

After the service, please return to your child's room and give the parent tag to the teacher to pick-up your child. If you misplace your tag, a Check-In Specialist can assist you in verifying your identity and giving you a new one.  

Planning your first visit?

Pre-register your child for a quicker check in experience. 

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